A heart for the community, worshipping and serving God.


Together we can bless, serve and grow our heart for the local area

Community / Home Groups

We believe we are called to be “a heart for the community, worshipping and serving God.” Therefore real community is an essential building block of the church. Small groups are a place where together we can bless, serve and grow our heart for the local area. They are places where we can be known, supported and challenged to go deeper in our relationship with each other and to grow as disciples of Jesus.

We believe that church isn’t just about ‘consuming’ a service every Sunday, but about living out a genuine faith amongst ordinary people, both inside and outside the church – we can’t live it alone! The Sunday services are places for worship, resourcing and equipping and are not places of belonging in themselves.

We believe real community is a great way for individuals to get to know people within the church, and are the best places for ongoing discipleship and personal growth. They also provide a real opportunity to live out or discover our God-given calling and to engage in mission to our area.

There are 5 W's which we try to aspire to

Welcome - everyone should be welcome and cared for at a community group

Word - we will spend time reading and discussing God's word together, the bible and see how we can live it out in our lives

Worship - as Christians we believe that all we do should be worship, but we will also seek to set aside time in our meetings to meet with God and offer him worship.

Witness - we believe the good news about Jesus is the greatest thing in the history of the world. If Jesus rose from the dead it changes everything and we are witnesses to him being alive. We want to encourage one another to sensitively, but confidently share about Jesus.

World - it is easy to become inward looking, but we will try to remember that all of creation is God's and therefore whether it's Penge, London, the UK or the world, we are called to work for justice and peace and we can encourage one another in this.

Most groups will meet on a weekly basis, although some meet on a fortnightly basis in people’s homes around the local area. For further information please contact Julia in the office.

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